July 23rd, 2010


New England Roadtrip, July 4, part 1: Original Pancake House

The day began with Lori going to Mass. The Mass Times iPhone app made it much easier to locate a convenient church. We ended up at Our Lady of Lourdes in Whitehouse Station, NJ. While she went to mass, I took a walk around through the riding-mower neighborhood. This sort of neighborhood is basically human-maintained deer habitat, but I still thought it was nifty to find a well-preserved deer track:

I took this picture to demonstrate what I mean by "riding-mower neighborhood", and then realized that the house was associated with a Christmas tree farm behind it. It doesn't really change my characterization of the neighborhood to say that it contained a Christmas tree farm.

Lori strongly prefers to eat breakfast food for her first meal. But I didn't see a Roadfood-listed breakfast place convenient to our route. So instead, we went to Original Pancake House, because Michael Stern had once mentioned it as his favorite chain restaurant, and I had not been to one.

I ordered the Dutch baby pancake, because I've only had them rarely. I might have enjoyed it more if I weren't expecting it to taste like a pancake; compared to a pancake, it had a very eggy taste, and it had the high-gluten skin of popovers or puff pastry. The fruit that filled it was excellent.

Lori had the Independence Day special: pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. Her pancakes were light and fluffy, and her fruit was very good.

I was impressed with what the Original Pancake House had for kids visiting:

I have since learned that there are Original Pancake House restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. We'll consider checking them out.