August 8th, 2010


New England Roadtrip, July 6, part 1: Dorset Inn

Spending the night at the Dorset Inn wasn't quite what we expected. The room wasn't what I would have expected from a country inn; it was decorated in an Art Deco-ish style, with a vibrant pattern of black-and-white diamonds on the furniture. But it was very comfortable.
And it had free WiFi, which pleased me excessively. One of my regular rants is that cheap motels are likely to have free WiFi, but nice elegant hotels are likely to charge $15 a night for an internet connection, and to make it gratuitously hard to use more than one device with the network. I know that it's not economically rational of me, but I would gladly pay a $20 greater room rate for a motel with free wireless instead of a cheaper room rate with $15/night wireless. My theory is that pricey hotels are mostly aiming at business travelers who pass the internet charges onto their employers without a second thought; that would explain why the Dorset Inn is an exception, because it's aiming at romantic-getaway couples instead of business travelers. (The same applies to the mini-bar. The room at the Dorset Inn didn't have a mini-bar, but it did have a few free bottles of water.)
Unfortunately, even getting this pleasant treatment from the Dorset Inn set me off ranting about this, while Lori patiently nodded along with a rant she'd heard many times before. But at least I was ranting about how much more pleasant this was than normal hotels.

Further evidence that the Dorset Inn was our sort of hotel: breakfast was still available a few hours after many hotels have swept away the breakfast crumbs. Breakfast was served in the lovely Garden Room:

We started breakfast with local apple cider. It was rich, sweet, and sumptuous.

I ordered the Potato-Bacon Pancake, expecting something hearty and savory. It was all that, but somehow I had missed the fact that it was topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. This was a delight, with crisp tender potatoes, intense shreds of bacon, and the whole thing caressed and highlighted by sumptuous egg and hollandaise. This was the dish that clinched our decision to buy the Dorset Inn cookbook. The bacon was well-hidden in this picture, but there was plenty of it in the pancake.

Lori ordered the Blueberry Pancakes with warm maple syrup. These were seriously good pancakes, and the maple syrup was among the best I can remember - but I still think I got the better of the two breakfasts. (I should also mention that the fruit served with both breakfasts was excellent, lively and fresh.)