August 27th, 2010


New England Roadtrip, July 7, part 3: Santarpio's

We retired to our hotel for an hour or two of digestion coma, then Chris contacted us to inquire whether we were interested in dinner. We agreed on Santarpio's Pizza.

Santarpio's gave us the most brusque service that I can remember. (Boston's Durgin Park is famous for grouchy service, but the one time we ate there, our waiter was pleasant and friendly.) An example of Santarpio's service: we were shown to our table with a scowl and a gesture that clearly meant "Siddown."

The four of us shared a pizza with garlic, pepperoni, and half hot pepper. Details are slipping, I fear, but it was a good pizza, with a crust that was thin and fairly crisp, and good flavors of crust and topping.

I wasn't as fond of the barbecued sausage and lamb; both were fairly tough and to my taste, overcooked. It was nifty to see the open grill they were cooked on next to the door, but my picture didn't come out acceptably.

(I didn't get a good picture, but this picture from the review is very representative of what we ate.)

Next stop: Salem Diner