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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Saturday, August 28th, 2010
12:31p - Bookcases and the Challenges of Becoming Richer
Lori has managed to remove the clutter from our side bedroom this summer, so we would like to turn it into a library/office. Which means buying bookcases.

I'd like to find bookcases with the looks of Billy bookcases from IKEA, but a) made from real wood, not "a picture of wood" (my father-in-law's phrase) and b) with sizes to better suit my needs. (I have a 60" space to fill with bookshelves, and Billy bookshelves come in lengths of 32" and 16", so it's a bad fit.)

Unfortunately, even though I feel wealthy enough to shop for stuff that's better than IKEA, I don't know how to shop for nicer things the way I know how to shop at IKEA. This problem is compounded for bookcases, because nicer furniture stores seem to scoff at bookcases as too useful or something.

I would welcome suggestions on how to buy good bookcases in Pittsburgh. Do I need to find a custom manufacturer?

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