August 28th, 2010


Bookcases and the Challenges of Becoming Richer

Lori has managed to remove the clutter from our side bedroom this summer, so we would like to turn it into a library/office. Which means buying bookcases.

I'd like to find bookcases with the looks of Billy bookcases from IKEA, but a) made from real wood, not "a picture of wood" (my father-in-law's phrase) and b) with sizes to better suit my needs. (I have a 60" space to fill with bookshelves, and Billy bookshelves come in lengths of 32" and 16", so it's a bad fit.)

Unfortunately, even though I feel wealthy enough to shop for stuff that's better than IKEA, I don't know how to shop for nicer things the way I know how to shop at IKEA. This problem is compounded for bookcases, because nicer furniture stores seem to scoff at bookcases as too useful or something.

I would welcome suggestions on how to buy good bookcases in Pittsburgh. Do I need to find a custom manufacturer?