October 2nd, 2010


New Mexico Roadfood Trip, September 19, Part 1

I stayed over on Sunday to spend time with my friends Susan and Terran. They described themselves as late risers, so I started the day on my own.

I like to try to find the music that suits a given place, so I turned on the car radio. It was tuned to a Latin Pop station that was just the right thing for driving through the sere Southwestern landscape. I had a lot of fun listening to that.

My first destination: Golden Crown Panaderia, the source of the delightful baked goods ChiTownDiner had provided on the trip. I believe the intense blue of the sky in this picture to be an accurate representation of what I saw.

I got there just as they opened up, but the head baker was already hard at work. These empanadas went into the oven and came out again while I was talking with folks there.

I didn't see any of the bread sculpture other than their photo board. It seems to me only natural and right that this boy should grin so widely at the receipt of a tyrannosaurus sculpted in bread.

I was carrying my iPad, and the counterman (whose name I wish I had learned) asked me about my experiences with it. I mentioned that I had developed software for it, and this led to his telling me about the iPad application he was developing for managing flow at the bakery. There are usually many orders going on at any given time, and he currently uses a Microsoft Access database and several printouts every few hours to keep track of what items need to be baked at what time, what things are packed, and so forth. He's working on an iPad application to connect to the Access database and replace the batches of printouts. I would not have expected this place to be automated in that way - but I live in two such worlds myself, and should remember that others do as well.

I bought three empanadas to share with Terran and Susan: pumpkin, apple, and cherry. The pumpkin had a very mild taste of autumn spices, so mild that we thought it was apple until we opened the apple empanada.
I also bought a pan dulce, which turned out to be a round bread the size of a half cantaloupe, very light and only slightly sweet.

I met Susan and Terran at the Range Cafe for breakfast. I'd been thinking "Home on the Range", but the restaurant embraced both that and a stovetop theme.

At Terran's recommendation, I had the Range Roundup - "a homemade biscuit topped with crumbled, crisp bacon and sausage, two eggs, smothered in chilé, white cheddar cheese, with Range Fries con Queso and pinto beans". It was quite a tasty pile.

Terran and Susan have a beautiful house that suits them excellently. We talked a lot and played lots of board games - two victorious games of Pandemic, and a less successful game of Arkham Horror. For a refreshment, they served an excellent chicken mole.