October 7th, 2010


New Mexico Roadfood Trip, September 18, part 2

It felt appropriate to leave Susan and Terran's company around 7:30, so that raised the possibility of another meal that evening. Model Pharmacy didn't answer their phone, so I was thinking of the Standard Diner... but then the thought of Powdrell's Barbecue caught my attention. This turned out to be an exercise in frustration. I had trouble following the directions my iPhone gave me, and had to pull off and check the directions several times. Then when I finally followed the directions successfully, I discovered that they took me to the wrong place; Google Maps had given me the wrong address for Powdrell's. I sorted that out and finally made it to Powdrell's, only to discover that they were closed. I should have called them when I called Model Pharmacy.

I saw an instance of Garcia's nearby, and I remembered Chris Ayers praising them - but I felt a silly urge to check off another Roadfood-listed place. (A review of Garcia's got posted on Roadfood two days later.) So I called the 66 Diner and confirmed that they were open late. I arrived there at 9pm after all the foofooraw of wrong places.

The 66 Diner is located on historic Route 66, and it definitely has the look of a classic diner. At least, by night it does - when I drove by it the next day, it did not show the stainless steel I was expecting.

The Burma-Shave-esque signs say "It would / be great / to stop / for a shake / 66 Diner"

The inside looks just as classic:

I ordered a cup of the green chile stew, because I hadn't yet had green chile stew on this trip, and a Pile Up: "A pile of pan fried potatoes, chopped bacon, chopped green chile, two eggs any style, cheddar cheese, and red or green chile sauce on top."
The green chile stew was outstanding, really rich and sumptuous and flavorful. It's hard to pick a single winner for the trip, but this was certainly one of the top contenders.
The Pile Up was very good, but less outstanding. It had a lot of nicely crisp bacon - it's impressive that that much bacon manages to hide in this picture. Of the breakfasty piles topped with chile sauce I had this day, it was probably tied with the Range Roundup or a hair lower.

I asked a waitress if I could take a picture of her uniform, because I felt it added to the ambiance of the diner. She obliged me, but she definitely seemed disconcerted about it.

For dessert, I had the Teenie Weenie Sundae. It was very petite, but a little scoop of ice cream was just the right size for me then.