October 20th, 2010


Pandemic Oct-20-2010

Harrowing game of Pandemic today. (Dispatcher, Containment Specialist, Generalist, Archivist, six Epidemics)

It started off really badly. In the initial setup, we had three cubes next to each other, in Shanghai and Hong Kong. On the first turn, we treated one cube in Shanghai - but then we drew an Epidemic, drew Taipei (next to Hong Kong and Shanghai) as the city to infect with three cubes, and then drew Hong Kong in the infection phase. Net result for the first turn: three outbreaks and no red cubes left in the store. I thought that this might be a game in which we lost before every player got a turn.

We managed to claw our way back from that with significant effort - but with a lot of effort, we managed to squeak out our last cure just before things went completely to pot.

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