November 4th, 2010


Genuine Pub

Lori implored me to go out to her school in Verona and buy tickets for this weekend's gala. So I went there about lunchtime, and pondered places to get lunch in an area of town that I don't often visit at lunchtime.

The thought of the Genuine Pub on Sandy Creek Rd engaged me, because I have noticed it before but never stopped in. Nothing else engaged my thoughts, so I decided to check it out.

The bar in the Genuine Pub is a very nice wood bar, but the rest of the furniture and decor is very plain: tile floor, undecorated walls, vinyl tablecloths on formica tables. I've been in other bars in Pittsburgh with this plain decor, and it makes me a big suspicious.

However, it worked out well. I ordered the red chicken chili off the specials board, and it turned out to be a good choice. It was thick and rich, not spicy - and it was a lighter portion, which suited me well. It was a good lunch for a cold wet day.