November 23rd, 2010


Pandemic November

I've been derelict about posting Pandemic reports.

November 3: 4 players, 6 epidemics. Failed. We couldn't keep the diseases suppressed, and it took us too long to put cures together.

November 10: 3 players (I was sick), 5 epidemics plus mutation. Failed. I don't remember the details if I knew them.

November 17: 4 players, 6 epidemics. Victory. We were looking in the face of possible defeat by the end, but we've had enough games in which we've found ourselves looking at the uvula of possible defeat that this level of peril is no longer distinctive.

November 22: 4 players (Medic, Operations Specialist, Researcher, Epidemiologist), 6 epidemics. Victory. One unusual note about this game: in the endgame, we ended up facing a choice between neutralizing a potential chain reaction, or finding the last cure three turns sooner. We ended up choosing to let the chain reaction happen in order to get the final cure.