November 27th, 2010


Game Purge

I have identified a bunch of games that I consider myself unlikely to play again soon. But I know I'll be very slow to list them on eBay or whatever. So, help me out: if you're nearby and interested in any of these games, let me know.

Crimson Skies
The Princes of Florence
25 Words or Less - party game. Convey 5 words to a teammate tersely.
Tile Chess
Knightmare Chess
Spammers - play a spammer in the early days when spamming mailing list was the in thing.
Beyond Balderdash
Road Kill - same premise as Car Wars, but much more abstract.
Chez Geek (three sets in one box)
X Bugs
Dino Hunt
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone - think Clue at Hogwarts.
Scotland Yard
Brawl (several decks)
Man Bites Dog - combine cards to make wacky headlines.
Aquarius - dominoish card game with hippy art.
Ghost Chase
Space Beans - Bohnanza spinoff in space, with only vaguely similar rules.
Frank's Zoo
Greed Quest - wander a dungeon collecting loot.
Chez Dork - Dork-Tower themed game of collecting geek stuff.
Mage Knight - clicky miniatures game.
Lord of the Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game - clicky miniatures game for 2 players. Starter set.