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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Sunday, December 19th, 2010

There is progress on the furniture front, and I am feeling relieved.

I went out to Ethan Allen to see whether the too-distressed sofa was as distressed as I remembered it. Answer: yes. Here's a close-up picture of the top rail:

(A full-size picture of the sofa is here. Does that sofa look like something that belongs in the fetish section of furnitureporn.com*?) 

I asked the saleslady whether it was possible to pay extra to have them not beat it with chains in the course of manufacturing. I knew I'd feel indignant at the thought of paying extra to skip the chain-beating step, but I was willing to entertain it as an option. Answer: no, the chain-beating is not skippable.

In frustration, I asked whether it was possible to get the Ethan Allen fabric on the Thomasville sofa. I got an answer that involved buying the fabric from Ethan Allen, getting the Thomasville sofa, and getting a custom upholsterer to re-upholster the sofa.

Well, hmm. I've visited a custom upholsterer, and I'd be willing to entertain the idea of doing this. So I went back to Thomasville and asked much the same question. The answer I got there: it is straightforward for them to combine the Ethan Allen fabric with their frame. Their catalog has a price for Customer's Own Material. The process: I buy the fabric from Ethan Allen, take it to the Thomasville store, and they take it and eventually deliver me an upholstered couch.

It'll cost more to do this, but it gives us such a sense of satisfaction to get exactly what we want that we are going to pay it willingly.

* furnitureporn.com involves no people in the pictures, only furniture. It's probably work-safe unless you are actually turned on by the pictures, in which case it would lead to incredibly awkward conversations.

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A follow-up note: Since my furniture-shopping plans were only to check out specific details of pieces I'd already seen, I didn't bother to try to dress nicely for the trip. Which meant that I was wearing a t-shirt featuring the Muppets character Animal.

I doubt I'm the first person to shop for French Country furniture in an Animal t-shirt, but it's probably pretty rare.

It may be even rarer to have a person in an Animal t-shirt griping about how the furniture is too distressed.

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I've been feeling derelict about focusing on seasonal shopping for Lori. (Her birthday is December 23, so shopping includes both Christmas and her birthday.)

So, today included step 1: inventory all the things I've purchased for December gifts over the course of the year.

Result: I'm about half done shopping for her, and I've got some really wonderful gifts.

Thanks, past me! You've done great!

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