December 20th, 2010


Pandemic Dec-20-2010

This game looked like it would be pretty easy up until endgame, when it turned meaner than a junkyard dog.

Six normal Epidemics, Medic, Epidemiologist (buffed), Troubleshooter (buffed), Generalist.

On the Medic's second to last turn, we had no outbreaks yet, the Epidemiologist and the Troubleshooter each had a cure in hand. We had some trouble brewing with the black disease in the Middle East, but the board looked pretty good. Our chances looked good for winning the game on the Epidemiologist's second turn to come.

We came up with a cunning plan: the Medic would give the Epidemiologist a blue card, and he would discard a red card, bringing him to four red cards and three blue cards. On the Epidemiologist's turn, then, he would use New Assignment to change to the Scientist, cure the red disease with his four red cards, hop to Atlanta to meet the Troubleshooter, take the Atlanta card, and cure the blue disease. Then the Troubleshooter would cure the black disease, and we'd win.

To do this, the Medic had to give up his plans of treating the disease in Cairo, which had three cubes. We regarded this as an acceptable risk.

But he drew an Epidemic, and drew Baghdad as the newly infected city, and drew Cairo (which chained into Baghdad) among the four cards of infection. We now had three Outbreaks and a whole lot of black on the board. The Troubleshooter revealed that the Epidemiologist would draw Algiers among his infection cards, which would chain to four or five Outbreaks and exhaust us of black cubes. So instead of curing two diseases, he cured the red disease and moved to treat a black cube in Algiers. We accepted Outbreaks in New York and Essen.

The Troubleshooter then cured the black disease. We then used Rapid Vaccine Deployment to remove five black cubes and used Special Orders to push the Medic around through the black zone, vastly reducing the black threat. We were looking once more as if we could win the game with relative comfort.

The Generalist then treated cubes in Paris and Essen.

The Medic cleaned up more black and built a research station in Algiers to enable the Scientist-née-Epidemiologist to get to Atlanta to finish the blue cure. Then he drew another Epidemic, which created an Outbreak in Milan, next to Essen.
We had six Outbreaks. We were about to draw four cards out of seventeen we had shuffled onto the deck. If we drew Essen, Milan, or two of {Osaka, Sydney, New York}, we would lose.
We drew only Sydney and won the game, having gotten seven outbreaks in the last four turns.