March 8th, 2012



Our St. Patrick's Day Party is coming up; it's actually on March 17 this year. (We'd love for you to come. Contact me if you want details.)

In a normal year, we would be trying to get the house decluttered. In the penultimate week before the party, we'd be splitting the time between working on the house and making sure we're on top of Lori's grading.

This year...

We're getting some new cabinets for the living room, because our old Ivar* furniture from IKEA doesn't match the new couch.

The cabinet maker contacted us on February 28 to say "Your cabinets are done, when would you like them installed?" I was excited about the prospect of showing friends our new cabinets, so I asked for March 12.

Preparing for the cabinets involved removing the baseboards and the Ivar cabinets. I thought that it would take only ten boxes to hold all our books. Staples had a buy-two-get-one-free-sale on banker boxes, so I took advantage of that sale expecting that we'd find extra boxes useful sometime. It took thirty-five boxes to hold all the books and games from those cabinets.

And Lori reminded me that we'd wanted to get the living room repainted while we were between cabinets. We weren't at all sure that we'd be able to get a painter on short notice, but we decided to give it a shot.

And Lori's father suggested that while we were between cabinets, that would be a good time to get the floors refinished. I managed to find a refinisher who could work on short notice.

But we wouldn't refinish the living room without refinishing the dining room... there'd be a visible mismatch, and the dining room floor is in worse shape than the living room floor. And the hallway would also need to be done to avoid a visible mismatch.

So we spent Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon packing stuff into boxes (another twenty boxes or so up to the attic), and Wednesday evening Les, Dave, and Paul came over to help me move furniture out of those three rooms.

So: it's a week and a half before the party. All the furniture from half the rooms on the first floor is crammed into the other half. I suppose this gives us a bit of partial credit towards cleaning up the house, because the three rooms with no furniture can be considered extremely neat. But it's counterbalanced by the chaos of the other rooms. We are consoling ourselves that our guests are familiar with the chaos of home improvements. As long as we manage to move the furniture back before the party, I think that we'll do okay.

It's raining now. I wonder if I can reach the coat closet for my hat and jacket without touching the just-refinished floor. If not, I'll have to resort to plan B: get wet.

* Sign that I live in an Apple world: I first typed 'iVar'.