April 7th, 2012


Smoked Cheese, Second Try

There are lessons in life that every man must learn for himself, and apparently one of mine is "There are reasons why no one smokes Havarti."

Cold-smoked some Havarti, some Gruyere, and two pans of flour. Set smoker to 100°, ran it for three hours, with a handful of dry cherry chips at the beginning and a handful of soaked cherry chips at the midpoint.

I did put in some ice at the beginning and wrapped some aluminum foil as a heat shield for the cheese. The Havarti melted anyway. (It still tastes pretty good, but I'd want to put it in a cheese ball or something.) The Gruyere did not melt, although it did soften noticeably.

I think I lost a lot of smoke when I opened the doors; neither of the cheeses was all that smoky, and the flour was much less smoky than the last batch I smoked, I may smoke it again at some point, though not with tomorrow's salmon.

This is a picture of the Gruyere: