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Sunday Dinner, Sep-16-2001

This dinner was a smaller event; we were only having a total of six people here, and we'd had a big weekend with fighting with taxes, visiting Deanna and Eli Saturday evening, and whatnot.

We made Smoky Barbecue Chili (which is vegetarian, so part of a dairy kosher meal) and cornbread sticks. For dessert, Lori tried another iteration of her brownie experiments, this time with cinnamon chips. I wasn't able to taste the cinnamon very well.

After dinner, we played Shipwrecked, which Deanna had left at our house a few weeks ago. It's an interesting bidding game--I haven't been able to suss out the strategy yet.

After Deanna and Mike arrived, we played Bounty, which Deanna had brought. Bounty is a game of merchanting and piracy on the high seas--but it left something to be desired. It was (IMO) too hard to set up an opportunity for the first piracy, but then it was too easy for things to degenerate into pirate-pirate brawls. There were some nice ideas there, but the whole wasn't a good game.

And of course, the other big entertainment of the evening was the new kittens. The kittens took a great interest in the game of Bounty, often leaping onto the board and scattering pieces everywhere.
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