Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

GURPS Jan-28-2005

I've been meaning to post this entry for four weeks now, but now I've hit a sort of deadline: the next session is tonight. Unfortunately, Safari crashed on me once while I was composing this message, so maybe I won't get it posted at all.

Our goal was to rescue kidnapped humans from a race of subterranean humanoids called K'rik'm. We had made our way to the back door of the large cavern of their settlement, with the wooden palisade holding the humans a few yards away.

Our plan was for Meat (my character) to hack through the palisade (instead of trying to open the gate) with Logan protecting him, with others committing random violence to keep a path clear for the prisoners to come out.

The first surprise was that we seemed to be expected; there were several spear-carrying warriors. But we carried on with our original plan at the beginning. Meat made a few mighty swings that made good progress at carving a gate into the palisade; Logan cast an armor spell and used all-out attacks to dispatch oncoming warriors quickly without worrying about their ability to penetrate his DR.

But soon, I had to make a will roll (which I made by using Meat's Luck), and Meat felt a pressure at the back of his head as he was slashing at warriors and yelling at prisoners to come along.

The first major sign that things were not as we expected came when Steve failed a will roll of his own. His character Hellif shouted "die, filthy half-blood!" (displaying a knowledge that Hellif did not have) and charged at Logan. His iron sword dispelled Logan's armor spell, and since Logan had forsaken parrying and blocking, the iron sword slashed him badly.

So, we had a problem: we wanted to get Hellif to stop attacking us, but we wanted not to do permanent damage to him.

Meat addressed this problem by trying to knock Hellif away; he slammed into Hellif very successfully (I got lucky there) and managed to knock him back several yards. After that, Carynth managed to smack him soundly with the flat of her sword, stunning him for a moment.

We kept hustling the captives out while Carynth tried to keep Hellif subdued, with a continued need to fight off spearfighters. (Klantic managed to cast a useful fog spell that did help deter further spearfighters.)

Meat got a lot of use out of his Luck on multiple will rolls to throw off his own domination, and another use to neutralize a critical hit against him. (I realized a few minutes later that that wasn't the best use of Luck--it was more important to avoid being dominated than to avoid a few points of damage.)

But then as things were settling out, the mysterious force trying to dominate Meat rolled really well on his roll, and Meat failed his roll to resist. Kevin granted me an extra use of Luck, since I'd misused my Luck before--but the dice were clear about what they wanted: even with two more rolls, I only scored a puny success at best. Meat was dominated and turned on the party.

So Carynth now had the task of defending the group against Meat. She did an excellent job, really; she managed to occupy Meat and keep him from ever landing a blow.

But that took enough of the pressure off of Hellif that he was able to press the attack against Logan. Logan tried to step back and use his stored Great Haste spell... but Hellif stepped in and scored a critical hit. The hit with an iron sword on a mage who was in the process of casting a spell caused a huge explosion--in the middle of Logan's chest. Logan ended up going unconscious, and the explosion stunned Hellif out of his domination.

So Meat was the only threat left. Klantic cast one sleep spell on him, which he shrugged off. Then he cast another sleep spell on him--and rolled a natural 3. Meat dropped like a stone. The other PCs dragged him away, and the battle was over.

As a gamist, I really wanted Meat not to be dominated--and certainly, in character he wanted to avoid being dominated. But from a story point of view, I really enjoyed Meat's struggling successfully for a while and then succumbing. It was a very fun game.
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