Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
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I've been ripping a bunch of CDs lately. One part of the effect is the iTunes library on the laptop; whenever I rip something at home, I'll bring it in to rip at work so that I keep the two libraries in sync. The other part is that I've made a couple of trips to Record Exchange lately. (On my last trip, I bought 9 albums spanning 11 CDs for $26.22.)

So I'm listening to my 'Recently Added' playlist, to become more familiar with the new albums. Here's what I'm listening to currently that I've added in the past two months:

Lord of the Rings Soundtrack (all three albums)
Clan of Xymox, Farewell
Rockapella, Don't Tell Me You Do
KMFDM, Attak
David Byrne, Rei Momo
David Byrne, Uh-Oh
David Byrne, Feelings
Talking Heads, Fear of Music
Bauhaus, Rest In Peace (a recording of their final concert. I wasn't very familiar with Bauhaus beyond "She's in Parties" and "Bela Lugosi's Dead"--but this album is really disappointingly bad.)
Book of Love, Book of Love (very 80's)
David Byrne, Look Into the Eyeball
Paul Simon, Graceland
Toad the Wet Sprocket, Fear
John Coltrane, Blue Train
Duke Ellington, 1969 All-Star White House Tribute
Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
Frank Sinatra, All the Best
Gothic Rock
Book of Love, Candy Carol (so far not as good as Book of Love, but it was $0.50)
Moxy Früvous, Live Noise
DMA Dance Volume 2: Eurodance
Next Generation Swing
Don't Blow Your Cover: A Tribute To KMFDM (milder than KMFDM)
The Unquiet Grave: Volume one
Royal Crown Revue, Contender
Great Big Sea, Sea of No Cares

That's 26 albums spanning at least nine different genres. It's an eclectic mix.
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