Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Complete Divine

In imitation of chadu's overviews, a few notes about Complete Divine:

The Good:
- I liked the bit on relics,
- there are some nifty spells and feats that Liandra can use. (And some feats that make me wish I'd had a vampire druid around.) I particularly like quillburst and rejuvenation cocoon.
- I particularly liked the notes on diferent styles of prayer for different deities. For example, prayers to Ehlonna usually begin with two positive aspects of nature, whereas prayers to Pelor tend to be in the first person (i.e., "I am merciful because the Lord of Mercy works through me."). I think this portrayal of the "quirks" associated with the worship of various deities makes it a lot easier to distinguish various portrayals in play.

The Bad:
- The book lacks referential integrity. For example:
There are references to "page XX".
When a spell refers to 'see the section on Curses in Chapter 2', it is a violation of referential integrity for there to be no section on curses in Chapter 2.
When a spell is described as 'As vine mine, with these exceptions', it is a violation of referential integrity for the vine mine spell not to be in the book.
- I have questions about balance. For example, the Radiant Priest of Pelor prestige class is better in every way than a cleric who qualifies for the prestige class and doesn't take that prestige class. (Although, perhaps those domains were underpowered...)

The Verdict:
I don't need this book, particularly because my campaign will be ending in a few months. If it weren't for that, I might pick it up eventually, particularly if I were playing a cleric, but I'd be in no hurry.
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