Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

D&D: Wrong Thoughts

So, I can tell that I'm having Wrong Thoughts about the next D&D session. But this realization isn't sufficient for me to break out of my mental lock.

The setup: the PCs have recovered the artifact dagger Weeping Wounds, and are going to use it in the ritual to alleviate the Dragon's disease.

The conflicting thoughts:
- I've established that the Emperor is supposed to use Weeping Wounds to perform the healing ritual.
- This is a scene about healing, so it's appropriate for Liandra to have a starring role.

These aren't in themselves contradictory--for example, Liandra could become the Empress. But there are lots of other details that make me feel like there's a contradiction. Liandra doesn't particularly want to be Empress, and being the bearer of the dagger has some very serious risks associated with it.

I guess the ideal thing might to have both Liandra and the dagger-wielder have starring sine qua non roles. I'm blocked on how to arrange that, for some reason.
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