Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

anselm23's meme amused me:

You go find a song that everybody knows and put the lyrics into the Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/). Translate them from English to German, then German to French, and then French to English. Then post here with 3 clues. See who gets the song right first.

What song is this?

Sometimes, I believe that I, run to me far leaves have, the pain to be received far have to which you go those the loves in the heart of me which, we seem, go nowhere divides and which I have my light for me throws and rotation lost I do not sleep the night can (choral society) at once that me ran you too much (I left) me run now leaves you these loves damaged course, me gives you given you a a whole boy could take to you gives my tears to have and those am not almost all the oh -... loves damaged I now know the love damaged to be made run far things close to you somebody you require leave enough, hold have and you think, request loves must, me are however sad that I then do not request (choral society...) to assign not you to me, me to satisfy can the manner upright, you I love you necken, although you wound me that then I will pack my things now and that to go from the loves damaged, affect the love (x2) damaged to me baby, damaged love damaged the love (x2) (x3)

I suspect that this is easy enough that I'll make the hints somewhat obscure:
- One-hit wonder.
- 1981.
- Originally sung as a soul song by Gloria Jones in 1964.
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