Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Yet another way I'm failing to figure out what I want: Lori is asking me where I would like to have my birthday dinner.

My criteria:
- I want a place that's quiet--most restaurants are loud enough that it's hard for me to hear people more than a few feet away.
- I'd like the food to be tasty (though I'd compromise on this for being able to hear people).
- I want the place to seat enough people. (Lori's handling the invitations; I'm not sure how many people are on her list.)
- I want the place to be cheap enough to be at a comfortable price range for everyone.
(There are probably other criteria that I'm not explicitly stating.)

And I'm not thinking clearly enough to come up with anything.

The hop garden at the Church Brew Works is really nice for a party, because it is pretty quiet--but the weather is looking somewhat cold for next week (see, more criteria!), and if we have to go inside because of rain, it's really noisy inside.

Max's Allegheny Tavern might suit, but for some reason it's not calling out to me. I can't identify what's keeping it from appealing.

I request your suggestions.
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