Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been sucking in all my time for the last few days. It's really not a surprise.

I had been hearing good things about the game for months (particularly from bruceb. But I knew that there was a terrible risk that it would eat my brain. So I held off--but I still felt tempted.

So last week, Lori and I had some conversations about whether it would be a good thing for me to play with this risk, and she encouraged me to get it. On Thursday, then, I fixed a problem that was causing our computer to not play sound, and then I went out to Target and bought it.
...Yesterday was the first full night of sleep I've gotten since.

It's really really engaging. The world looks so pretty, and there's always "just one more" place to explore or quest to do.

I'm playing an orc hunter named Mazumok (a great name, generated from hitting 'random' a few times) on the Shadow Council server. He's far from an orcish Legolas as yet. But I've gotten up to 14th level, and I'm developing some pet-management skills. (So far, my favorite pet has been the boar. It's very cute to look at, because it snuffles the ground and takes an interest in things.) I feel very tempted to play it further, in order to see what new vistas open up, and because I'd like to repay the help that others have given me. But I'm also feeling a yearning to try some other possibilities. I'm particularly interested in a tauren warrior, because the big ox-like tauren seem to really fit the idea of a tank, or an undead mage, because I'm envious of the flashier effects from the more magically-oriented characters.
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