Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Yesterday, World of Warcraft released a patch with a bunch of substantial changes to the way hunters work. Some first impressions:

- Bestial Wrath is extremely nifty. And with a 2-minute cooldown, you can activate the Buzzsaw Effect every other fight or so.

- I spent 10 gold on new pet skills. This was probably overly exuberant, since there's no way I can put all of the high-level resists on a pet at once. But no matter. (Now I have to budget my pet skill points! Oh no!)

- The pet trainer looked like a fireworks display with people getting the gold nimbus of new skills.

- new hunter quest! Whee!

- I tamed a lot of pets, mostly to look for new skills. Ferocious Howl is pretty neat, as is Dive.

- I had aggro management problems with my new pets. I found two lessons to be learned:
1) Growl is now free to train. When you tame a new pet, teach Growl right away.
2) Cower had gotten set back on on Humar. (No wonder he wasn't holding aggro.)

- I really like the new-and-improved AI for using Dash and Dive. When I tell Humar to attack, he streaks to the target, usually hitting before I can get an arrow off.

- Aimed Shot no longer touches the weapon cooldown timer, so after every aimed shot, there's a follow-up auto shot. It's kind of neat.

- In an experiment with a single target, polymorphing the target did not cause my pet to call off the attack. It still remains to be tried with two targets.

- Went to Stranglethorn to train a Jaguero Stalker, which had Prowl. Now I have a Stealthy Ninja Cat!

- I'm not quite sure how useful the the stealth is in terms of my suddenly-limited training points, but I have concluded that it's very efficient in terms of focus points--the panther turns on Prowl when he leaves combat, which is when he needs focus least.
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