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Ralph Melton

WoW Update

World of Warcraft has still been taking a bunch of my time:

Mazumok hit level 60 about a week and a half ago. It was sort of anticlimactic. Kaviji and Mazumok had been planning to level up together, and we'd been specifically planning to do so by killing Blazerunner to complete the quest chain for Kaviji. But Kaviji was tired and having computer troubles, so we got killed by being knocked off the mountain. So it didn't work out that night, and the next morning, I saw that Kaviji had reached 60.

I still wanted Mazumok to get his final 350 xp with a blaze of glory, though. I'd seen a level 60 elite dragon named Hematos just south of Blackrock Mountain, and it seemed very fitting to kill that with Biba's help. So we went out there together. But then we couldn't find the dragon--and as we rode around looking for it, I ventured into unexplored territory, and the experience from that discovery put me over. We kept on looking for the dragon a bit, to try to salvage the effect, but we didn't find it.


Before hitting 60, I had not been doing much soloing with Mazumok, because I wanted to spend his last few levels working with friends. After hitting level 60, though, I returned to some of that. I spent a lot of time farming the dragonkin near Lake Mennar in Azshara to collect blue dragonscales for a set of blue dragonscale mail for Margle. I ended up teaming up at one point with someone whom I believe really was a Chinese gold farmer. I had heard stereotypes of gold farmers, but I hadn't met any, but this rogue Yoninah seemed like one:
- he wasn't very talkative.
- when he did speak, his English was very poor.
- he would roll "Need" on every item that was dropped, even things like shields which a rogue could not possibly use. I compensated by rolling "Need" on everything myself.
- He would open every chest, without any negotiation about who would get the proceeds. I reconciled myself to this with the thought that I wouldn't be able to get those chests if I were working solo.
On the plus side, he was extremely efficient and skilled (running back to one's corpse no doubt takes up valuable looting time). We were able to kill dragonkin together three or four times as quickly as I was able to kill them on my own. And he wasn't a skinner, so I got all of the leathers and dragonscales from the bodies.
This wasn't a particularly delightful teamup, but it was an effective and functional teamup. I would do it again, as long as I wasn't teaming up with a skinner.

This has me thinking about the wages of gold farming. I made about 10 or 15 gold an hour farming with this guy, not counting the value of salable items. (One of the things that makes this site popular with gold farmers is that the dragonkin drop a lot of money and not a lot of items, so you don't have to leave off fighting to empty your packs so often.) Let's assume that he's much better than I am, so he makes 50 gold per hour.
I see a gold store offering 1000 gold for $66.29. I'll assume that that's a representative price. I'll be very generous in my assumptions again and assume that all of that money goes to the gold farmer.
So, under these most generous assumptions, this gold farmer is making about $3.30 per hour, and probably much less.


After finishing Margle's blue dragonscale set, I got asked by another person how much I would charge to make the set of another player without materials. I could not identify a price for which I would be willing to do those multiple days of farming.


The major disappointment of Mazumok doing dragonscale leatherworking is that I don't have any dragonscale recipes that really suit a hunter. Black dragonscale mail is the most hunter-appropriate, but even at level 60, it's not easy for me to farm the dragonkin that drop black dragonscales.

And I hesitate to ask others to help me farm, because it's really rather boring. If I'm teamed up with a friend, there's almost always something better to do.


The two weeks before Halloween had lots of fun in Warcraft: jack-o-lanterns everywhere, and trick-or-treating that could provide candy and random costumes. It was really very nifty.


With Biba's guidance, I've been going through some high-end instances (Blackrock Depths and Stratholme so far). I still feel like quite a button-mashing newbie, but Biba has credited me with redeeming some fights from ruin.

This hasn't always worked out, though: after these two instances, we tried to go through Dire Maul, and ended up wiping so many times that my bow completely wore out. Oops.


I've also been battlegrounding a bit. In just a couple of Warsong Gulch games during the Warsong Gulch holiday, I managed to pick up enough honor to leap from Scout to Sergeant. I die a whole lot--again I feel like I'm doing a lot of spastic button-mashing. But I'm rising through the ranks quickly.


The Darkmoon Faire has come back to the Horde this week. I was entertaining the idea of trying to collect the 1200 tickets for the Amulet of the Darkmoon, which is a wonderful amulet for a hunter. But I did the math, and that would require 2400 rugged leather--with the amount of time I have to get heavy leather, it's just not worth it. I've accumulated 200 tickets, though, and I think I'll save them for the trip in January.


I visited the Darkmoon Faire last night to get all these tickets, and discovered a new event there: you can get fired out of a gnomish cannon and try to land in the river instead of the too too solid ground. I never managed to get the timing right, though Margle finally did manage it. It was impressive to see the line of skeletons crossing the river.
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