Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

WoW: Enchanting for friends

My general policy with my leatherworker has been to make friends and lower-level alts anything that they want and can use. I enjoy this policy.

But I think it may need some tweaking for my enchanter. There are no level limits for enchantments, so it would be technically possible to put a Crusader enchant on a fishing pole. So where's the line of what's reasonable?
(This hasn't actually come up in play yet; no one has asked me for anything unreasonable. But it's worth thinking about it to moderate my own generous impulses.)

Obvious reasonable territory: I'm certainly willing to do any enchantment for which someone provides the materials. I'm certainly willing to give my experience and time for free to my friends.

But that's not as generous as I am with the leatherworking, where I'll give away all the materials (at least, the materials that I can easily farm). So maybe I want to be more generous than the policy I described above.

Waffle waffle.
Tags: warcraft
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