Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Future Housework

Found myself thinking about what upgrades might come after our current big upgrades. Here's what I can remember of our list:

- The paint is peeling around the entryway, and it's going to look particularly conspicuous now that everything else looks good. (It's not being covered by the siding, because it's fancy.) We'd like to get that repainted.

- Similarly, the brickwork is stained in places, and the mortar used to patch the holes drilled for the blown-in insulation is unpainted and conspicuous. We'd like to get that cleaned and repainted.

- The French doors only have one lock, because the lock that broke is no longer made. They should be replaced--but that can cost $4500 or so.

- The front door is drafty. The single-pane glass around it and the mail slot are probably among our largest heat gateways.

- We would still like to rekey the doors so that one lock opens all of them.

- There's still an open heating register in the crawl space. Fixing this requires assessing and correcting the things that might go wrong if that register were sealed.

Living Room
- The wood around the portrait window in the living room has had its paint peeled by the gutter leaks we had. That too should be repainted.

- Lori would like to put scarves over the curtains in the living room. (I see no point to this, myself.)

Dining Room
- There are currently no live electrical sockets in the dining room. (There's one not-live socket in the floor, but making it live would be against code.)

- Once we redo the bathroom and are confident that there will be no more leaks, we should get the ceiling patched.

Family Room
- Lori feels sore aggrieved by the carpet and paint in ways that I do not, and would like to replace them.

- Lori also dislikes the curtains, though they don't upset me.

Powder Room
- The enclosure for the light fixture has been broken since we moved in. It would be nice to replace that.

- The bathroom is going to need to be completely redone. There have been leaks in the plumbing, the tile around the tub is admitting water to the walls, and bad drywalling is peeling the paint job that Lori did just a few years ago. This is the most expensive job we see on the horizon; I just hope that we can handle it after we've built up some savings and before we have an emergency.

- Still need to get a chimney liner for the forced-air furnace.

- Still need to get the gas line capped off.

- I have fantasies of installing a tankless water heater, though I'm sure that's a ways down the road.

Except for the bathroom problems that have started looming, this represents significant progress. We have fixed a lot of the things that were on my list five years ago.
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