Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Sunday Dinner, Sep-23-2001

Since Monica and Dani had another dinner engagement, they were coming late. So we decided to be very non-kosher and had Bacon-Cheeseburger Potato Pie.

The Bacon-Cheeseburger Potato Pie is basically meatloaf formed into the shape of a pie crust, filled with mashed potatoes and topped with tomato, bacon, and green onions. It was pretty darn tasty. But: the meatloaf crust involves ketchup, and the only ketchup we had on hand was the green ketchup. It turns out that green is a very unappetizing color for meat.

We ate late, because we were waiting for Mike and Deanna, and Mike had his Sunday school class first.

After dinner, we played Starfarers of Catan, which Deanna had brought, while Lori made dessert. Starfarers of Catan seemed like a pretty good game. It was extremely high on toy value, with lots of funky parts. We didn't finish the game; I would happily play it another time.

Dessert was this wonderful apple-pecan caramel stuff. (I'll edit this entry to give the exact title.) It was extremely tasty. Mmm.
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