Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


I've been doing a lot of instancing with Marendyn lately.

Sunday morning: Joined a pick up group for the Scarlet Crusade side of Stratholme. (Teamed up with Equinox, Defender of the Horde.) Cat form most of the time. Phat lewtz: picked up Ash Covered Boots.

Monday evening: ran through the undead side of Stratholme with friends. Bear form most of the run. Don't remember any exciting loot. Did well in most of the instance, but couldn't take down Baron Rivendare, though we kept trying until I had only two items that were almost destroyed and the rest were destroyed.

Wednesday morning: joined a pick up group in Lower Blackrock Spire while waiting for the cleaning folks. (Had to let the cleaners in while tanking Omokk--but none of us died on that fight.) Did well through the instance. Bear tanking is very useful on Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin, because bears are immune to his area-effect frog polymorph. Picked up a Mageflame Cloak which the party's warlock was interested in; he offered the Shadowcraft Gloves that he had gotten in trade. Now I am faced with the decision between wearing those gloves, or auctioning them for a possible few hundred gold. Also got the Heart of Wyrmthalak trinket, for even more damage in cat form.

So now, I need to run through Scholomance (got the key this week), UBRS, and Dire Maul, and Marendyn will have completed the set of Horde 5-man instances.

(The Mazumok part of me is kind of jealous; Mazumok has never done a five-man run through LBRS or either side of Stratholme.)
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