Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[WoW] Misc

Updates on stuff I've been doing lately:


Marendyn went to Blackrock Depths Sunday night with guildmembers. Twice, actually. The first run was a quickie run for Molten Core attunement, taking the lava-swimming route.

The second run started out towards the bar. But then, once there, we went on to fight the seven dwarves and get attuned for Molten Core. And then, I said, "want to try the Lyceum?" and people said "Sure". So we tried it... and succeeded. And we made it through Magmus, and all the way to the Emperor--so Marendyn has finally killed the Emperor in BRD.

But other members of the group had other quests to do. We wiped going back through the Lyceum, so we ran back to the beginning of the instance. One member was one gromsblood short of the turnin for Mistress Nagmara's quest, so I hearthed, got a gromsblood from mail, and got summoned back by a warlock. We then went back to the Bar (where we discovered that you can't turn in Nagmara's quest once she's smooching Private Rocknot), hopped down to kill Incendius, circled up to kill Fineous Darkvire, detoured to the Vault, and finished up by turning in Ironfel for the Shadowforge Key. (I imagine that it's not many BRD groups that turn in the key quest after killing the Emperor.)


Marendyn bought a Warlords Deck and turned it in to the Darkmoon Faire on Monday. I had waffled about whether to buy it, because I'd read that it would get obsolesced in the imminent expansion. On the other hand, I'd also read that money is a lot more available in the expansion, so it's plausible that I won't miss the money.


Rajana (my shadow priest) has been teaming up with Rogash, a protection warrior. They've been a nigh-indomitable combination together. As a level 55 team, they successfully took on a quest to kill 59-60 elite Frostmaul giants for the Winterspring quest.

They went to Blackrock Depths themselves recently--their group was not as ambitious, but still very successful at what they did. I'm getting much better at healing--particularly with some nice macros for picking targets for my healing spells.


I recently noticed that Mahotala had lost his Taran Icebreaker. It wasn't delighting me, but it was a purple and it's a shame to have lost it. (Likely theory: when he got his talent points back with the December patch, he lost is ability to wield two-handed maces, and that caused the mace he was wielding to go away).

I've asked GMs to restore it twice; one didn't seem to understand English, and another said that the deadline had passed.

So this loss and the talent refund makes Mahotala largely a blank slate. I could completely change his style of shamanry if I wanted to... but I have high-level characters in every role, and I don't feel much need for a shaman character.
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