Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[WoW] Stockade

Marendyn has now achieved a fleeting achievement: she has now been through all of the 5-man instances in Warcraft.

Deadmines was no particular challenge, and she got a souvenir parrot from it.

The challenge of the Stockade was not inside the instance, but in getting there--it's in the heart of the Alliance city of Stormwind.

It turns out to be very hard to stealth into Stormwind--there's a choke point where the guards are too close to stealth past. So I tried to resurrect inside a building--but a guard ran into the building and killed me. On my second resurrection, I got killed immediately by another player--I can't say that wasn't a known risk. But on my third resurrection, I managed to switch immediately into travel form and run hellbent-for-leather for the Stockades, hitting the instance portal with just a trickle of health left. (I think it would be much easier for an Alliance character with stealth to make it to Ragefire Chasm.)

The actual instance itself was particularly bland, and very scanty of loot. The only reason for Horde to do it is obsessive completeness.

From guild chat: "What is this? They've locked the chest, but not the cells?"
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