Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

St. Patrick's Day Party, 2007

[written on April 10. I've been slow.]

March 17 was our seventh annual St. Patrick's Day party.

We had a total of about 55 people present.

The most above-average group was definitely family. Three of Lori's mother's brothers came out for the party to celebrate Lori's parents' anniversary (Uncle Eric, Uncle Buddy and his wife Mary Lou, Uncle Mike, his girlfriend Carina, and his sons Danny and Josh.)
Below-average groups: none of my Apple co-workers came, and none of Lori's fellow teachers.

There was gaming, instigated by Austin. There was lots of music, instigated by someone we'd found to play for half an hour.

Menu with commentary:
- Veggie tray, provided by Heather. This was smaller than our usual veggie tray, but it was not all eaten.
- Corned beef and cabbage sandwiches. We'd been given a lot of corned beef by Lori's parents for sandwiches. But we didn't put it out during the first food surge, and it never got put out. The cabbage was my attempt to cook some shredded cabbage laced with corned beef and beer in the slow-cooker. We never put it out either, and when I sampled it, it wasn't that good. But the cabbage-and-beer smell wasn't a bad potpourri for a St. Patrick's party.
- Caramels, bought from the sweet shop in Forest Hills. Not all eaten, but that's okay.
- Sausage snack wraps. We planned two recipes, making one early and putting one out late. The late recipe filled the niche of "people eat them when they're brought around, but not afterward" that we always seem to have.
- Oatmeal cookies, made by Lori's mother. Tasty, not finished.
- Baked artichoke squares. Not made--there was no need for them.
- chips with guacamole. Eaten, but not finished.
- pretzels. Not served.
- crackers, cheese, and sausage. The Giant Eagle Gibson tray we got seemed smaller than in previous years, and it was finished. We augmented it with a stick of Irish cheddar; that was finished too.
- A half sheet cake form Oakmont Bakery, for the anniversary. This was tasty, and it was the right size--it was mostly but not entirely eaten.
- creme de menthe brownies. I think Lori decided to scale back from her original recipe and just make brownies with added creme de menthe chips. These were very tasty.
- smoked salmon. We'd gone to an SCA event two weeks before and been given two whole smoked salmons that were left over from that event. We used about half of one. Though it was tasty.
- Bailey's cupcakes. Nearly all eaten.
- store-bought sliced apples and caramel dip. Despite the fact that I put this out late, it was nearly all eaten.

For beer, we had a case of Yuengling Black and Tan cans, and a case of Miller Light cans. This was about the right amount.

For soda, we got several twelve-packs of soda cans instead of our usual two-liter bottles (though we did get a few two-liters of mainstays like Coke). This was a good idea of Lori's; it did reduce the waste of discarding half-empty bottles.
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