Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

High Tea and Bunny Melt, Apr-15-2007

Sunday was our annual High Tea and Bunny Melt. Our guests were Monica and Dani, Sarah and Alex, Gwen and Derek, and Cathy Rescher. It was a nice gathering.

We had the bunny sacrifice early, because in previous years, we'd never gotten around to fondue at all. As usual, we had more bunnies than the fondue needed.

Gwen and Derrick brought us a case of Black Chocolate Stout. I hadn't been expecting to turn a profit on booze with this event, but we did.

For next year, we need to make a plan for the inevitable dropping of chocolate on the tablecloth. Some of the drops stained.

Our menu:

- fondue, with dippers of strawberries, banana, and apricots.

- Petit fours, made in Lori's flower petit four pan. Once again, the petit four pan was disappointing; the flower shapes were not clearly defined.

- marshmallow peeps which Lori had made by hand from a Williams-Sonoma kit. Pretty tasty.

- Scones, made by Cathy. They had golden raisins, but otherwise weren't terribly sweet.

- tea, the Coronation tea given us by Laura's ex-boyfriend.

- deviled eggs, made by Monica. They were good, but this was the first time I've seen leftovers of the deviled eggs--I think she made 40 or more.

- sandwiches made with flower-shaped bread. We made only one loaf this time, which meant we had about 5 each of egg salad and tuna salad.

- cucumber sandwiches made with minted butter. (From a recipe in Lori's new tea book.) These came out fairly pretty.

- smoked salmon pinwheels, made from a recipe in Lori's tea book, substituting smoked salmon for chicken. The flavor of the smoked salmon and apricot chutney was okay, but I didn't figure out how to roll these up tightly, so they were kind of loose and sloppy. Not sure what the fix is.

- maids of honor, made from a recipe in Lori's tea book. I had previously only encountered maids of honor in the context of a salacious culinary joke from the Terry Pratchett book Maskerade. These were tasty almond pastries in a puff-pastry crust.

- strawberry Napoleons, because we had leftover puff pastry from the maids of honor, and had all the other ingredients for the recipe on the box. I had not previously believed us to be the type to have the ingredients for Napoleons on hand, but apparently it does happen.
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