Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[WoW] Instancing

Ran Steamvaults with Marendyn as DPS on Sunday night with a guild group. Just before the second boss, our healer had to leave. So I grabbed my healing gear, we found a fifth, and we kept pressing on.

My healing was good enough to keep people alive, so the boss fights were no problem. But I couldn't keep aggro off of me. It seemed I was dying on every pull; in a pull of four naga, two would end up going for me. I'm not sure whether this is my fault as a poor healer, or due to inadequate tanking.


Ran Shattered Halls with a guild group on Monday night, with Marendyn tanking. One of our players had picked up some experience running with another guild, so we were able to do it quite smoothly. Pulls of six elites are a challenge, though.


Tuesday night, went through Scarlet Monastery Library with a PUG, with Roktazza tanking. I hadn't been looking for a PUG, but I got an extremely polite invitation while I was teaming up with Nahyna--and I had been wanting to go with Roktazza.

There was a fair bit of flux in group membership, with people dropping out after being recruited. So we had four people for most of the instance: my 35 warrior, a 35 warlock, a 34 shaman, and a 29 holy priest.

The priest kept her PVP flag on constantly for roleplay reasons, which meant that she had a hard time getting to the instance because of Alliance gankers.

I've been thinking about this in particular because of recent comments about my luck with pickup groups. I wouldn't describe this as a splendid PUG, but it was adequate.

The bad:
- the shaman was pretty enthusiastic, and would pull with lightning bolt or blast with lightning bolt just after I'd started a pull. But by the end of the run, we'd explained LOS pulls to him, and he was getting the hang of that a bit.
- the warlock didn't say much. She did use seduce for crowd control, but she didn't reliably seduce the mob I had marked to be seduced. She didn't use soulstones on anyone or use Curse of Recklessness to stop fleeing mobs, even after I had mentioned doing so to her.

The good:
- Everyone spelled out their words.
- we were successful; we cleared the instance with only one wipe and two other deaths.
- the priest was good at healing, and confident enough in herself and me to say 'go ahead and pull while I drink, I'll be full by the time you need healing.'

Another note: Holy cow, the respawn in that instance is fast. We had to run back from the graveyard after our wipe, because the shaman misunderstood my "Not yet" when he asked if he should use reincarnation when the wipe wasn't finished. There was a full complement of respawned mobs in the first hallway, which we had to fight through, and we were never quite able to get ahead of the respawn wave; by the time we got to the spot where we had died, the crusaders near us were respawning.

(Trying to rush past the respawn led to a splendidly bad pull, where mistargeting and poor runner control led to more mobs joining the fight at least three times. But we all survived.)
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