Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Code on the Brain

I'm pretty crispy this morning.

Yesterday, I was in the office until 8:30 working on a bug. It wasn't a horribly tricky bug, just with a lot of fiddly details, and it had to be checked in that night. (My boss checked in files at 10pm, and sent out mail at 2:30am, so I don't feel especially ill-used.)

Before I left, my boss mentioned a couple of bugs to me with work I had done on Wednesday. One of them, I considered unfixable, the other one I wasn't sure about.

At about 12:30am, I stopped playing WoW in bed and laid down to sleep. I started thinking about the second bug, and came up with an idea that captured my imagination enough that I had to open up the laptop again to check it out.

Woke up around 7 this morning as Lori was getting ready to go to school. Started pondering the unfixable bug as I tried to get back to sleep. Came up with a fix idea that demanded I come in to the office to work it out.

So, made it to the office by 8, had 2 fixes sent out for review by 9:30.

But man, this is probably the high point of my intellectual functioning for the day.
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