Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Road Trip, Jun-15-2007

Started the day with a late lunch/early breakfast at Cozy Inn (which curiously doesn't have a web page), one of the oldest burger shacks in the country. Burgers here are small little belly bombers, with no cheese but a lot of fried onions. I was able to taste onions on my breath for hours after eating. The owner, Steve, was friendly and chatty. We learned that he had started working there in January and bought the restaurant in April.

Lori required ice cream to settle her stomach, so we found a nearby Braum's. Lori took a sip of my limeade and made the intense full-face pucker that I usually see only in cartoons.

East of Salina, Kansas had been gently rolling hills, with trees that were frequent if not particularly dense. As we headed east, though, the land got flatter and flatter, and trees got more and more scarce. But nowhere in Kansas was as flat as eastern Colorado, which was quite flat and bare of trees.

At a 'Kansas Collectibles' shop, I picked up a bison snack stick and a bottle of Lost Trail Root Beer, a locally bottled root beer. The bison snack stick was not very nice. The root beer, though, was light and flavorful--it would make an excellent root beer float.

Ate dinner at a restaurant called Taste Buds in Calhan, Colorado. I had a burrito smotherered with green chili; Lori had a flatiron steak. Both were fairly tasty, but the highlight of the meal was the pies. Lori had a very tall slice of chocolate cream pie; I had a slice of peach pie with a very nice, flaky crust.

Our hotel here in Colorado Springs has no elevator, despite the fact that it's a two-story building. This seems like an unfortunate lapse--a hotel is a building where even able-bodied folks would want help managing stairs.

Exercise: did 20 minutes on the treadmill in the hotel's exercise room at 4mph. Boring. Was rubber-legged as I left. But although I felt sore the next day, I didn't feel significantly impeded.
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