Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Road Trip, Jun-16-2007

Falling behind on LJ entries. Must post faster.

Saturday was the day of the wedding that was our nominal reason for coming out here.

Began with breakfast at IHOP with Kevin and Alaina. Pretty good, really. I had scrambled eggs with chorizo; Lori had pancakes and bacon.

The wedding and reception was at Garden of the Gods. We had some time to walk around Garden of the Gods before and afterward. Garden of the Gods was really splendid; we were delighted to see the magnificent rocks there.

The wedding was very nice, marred only by a very intermittent AV system. The weather was nigh-perfect for an outdoor wedding. The reception was indoors, with plenty of toasts--the groom Sam was clearly very happy and very much in love with Tracy.

After we finished up our second tour of Garden of the Gods, we went out to Sam and Tracy's house for an after-party. I didn't know many people, of course. I did manage to find some conversation with my one trick for talking with unknown people at parties: find someone who's a geek about something and encourage them to geek out at an understandable level. So I had an enjoyable time talking with someone who's an engineer with the Air Force about their testing procedures and their data storage challenges.
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