Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Road Trip, Jun-22-2007

Probably the worst day of the trip, though the evening was nice.

We wanted to get off to Berea (a center for arts and crafts in Kentucky, home to Berea College as quickly as possible, so we skimped on breakfast in order to get on our way. We were optimistic about getting to Berea shortly after 1pm, with enough time to get lunch and take the 2pm student craft tour.

About three miles from the exit for Berea, traffic slowed down to a miserable crawl. It took us almost three hours to cover those last three miles. This news report covers what we'd heard later--a truck had spilled sulfur during an accident, and the interstate was closed south of Berea.

So at 4:30, we manage to exit the interstate. We're getting headachy from hunger, and our bladders are desperately needing relief. The nearby gas station is full of people with the same problem. So we ask our GPS to route us through back roads. We end up getting a snack at a fast food joint, Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken. It wasn't that great; in my opinion, Lee's doesn't beat KFC.

All this traffic that is being diverted from the interstate is being sent through a one-lane-each-way road through Berea. We managed to dodge a fair bit of the traffic with map and GPS, but we did get stuck in it some more. It took me thirty minutes to drive a mile to our hotel. (I let Lori out to start her shopping.)


After that, things improved, though. We'd chosen a very nice hotel for our anniversary celebration, the Boone Tavern Hotel in Berea. The decoration was very nice, and the bed was solid and comfortable (which has not been guaranteed in fancy hotels in my experience.)

We ate dinner in the hotel as well. For an appetizer, we had a tomato and fresh mozzarella napoleon (basically a fancy stack of slices). I had the country ham steak with redeye gravy, which was fairly tough. Lori had Chicken Flakes in a Bird’s Nest, which was a fancy presentation for something without much flavor. The spoonbread that was served was quite nice, though; spoonbread is essentially a cornmeal souffle instead of a flour-based cornbread.


Exercise: a leisurely walk through Berea after dinner. Very nice.
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