Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

We're trying to switch to Verizon FiOS. I'm a bit cranky about the customer service I'm getting.

I scheduled the installation for Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday morning, we got a call from a cheerful woman saying "just calling to confirm the installation for Wednesday morning." I said "no, we were scheduled for the afternoon." She said, "okay, I'll reschedule you."

Wednesday morning, we got a call from a Verizon installer saying "okay, I'm heading over to do your morning installation." I said, "no, we were scheduled for the afternoon." He said, "okay, I'll reschedule you."

No one showed up in the afternoon. At about 2:30, I thought I should call Verizon to make sure that they actually did schedule us for the afternoon.
After 15 minutes of navigating the Verizon phone tree, I finally spoke with a human. He said he would transfer me to technical support and stay on the line with me--when he transferred me, the line went dead. It was apparently not a trick, though--he called the home phone number, spoke with Lori, and got my phone number to call me to apologize.

His second attempt to transfer me to tech support was more successful. The person in tech support noted that the system said my appointment time was listed as the morning (still), and that someone had been sent out in the morning to do our installation. He said that he would call the garage and find out what was up, and then call me back.

I did not get a call back. About 45 minutes later, I decided to call again. Getting through the phone tree was much faster--perhaps the phone tree recognized that I needed human attention.
I talked with another person in tech support. He noted the same things as the previous person, and noticed that the phone number listed for a callback was not the correct number for me. He said he would call the garage and find out what was up, and then he would definitely give me a call back.

I did not get a call back.

About 45 minutes later, Lori got a call from the Verizon installers, saying that they had had equipment troubles, and they wouldn't be able to make it to us today.

On the plus side, everyone I spoke to was pleasant and seemed to actually want to help. On the minus side, no installation actually occurred, I was never convinced that the installation was rescheduled for the time for which we had originally scheduled, and I did not get the callbacks that were promised. I'm not sure those two balance out.
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