Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

I've been stalled on LJ for several weeks with the intention of writing an Origins update. So apparently that's unlikely to happen, and I should just post some other things.


Back at the beginning of July, I replaced the hard drive in Lori's laptop, because we had filled it up on our road trip.

This turned out to be an immense, gigantic hassle, for two reasons:
1. Disassembling the laptop was a big pain, mitigated only by the fact that I found good directions showing me what to do. I broke one little jumper as I was disassembling it; I knew that I wouldn't be able to resolder it successfully, so I just put electrical tape over the loose wire and hoped. (So far, I've seen no behavior changes.)
2. Copying files from the old hard drive was a huge hassle too. We had borrowed a USB adapter from Kevin, which made the connections physically possible. But the adapter was USB 2, and the laptop only had USB 1, so I ended up using our other, newer laptop as an intermediary between the USB adapter and Lori's laptop mounted in Firewire target disk mode. And it turned out the old hard drive was starting to fail, so copying data from the old hard drive was tricky. None of the automated solutions (such as using Disk Utility to copy the whole disc, or using Migration Assistant to transfer files) worked successfully; I ended up having to just use a Finder copy to drag them all, and hope not to miss anything.


We went to Origins. Super-short summary of new games acquired:
- Cloud 9. Simple game of rising balloons, with escalating points and escalating risk.
- The Warcraft board game. I meant to try out the World of Warcraft board game instead, but played this by mistake. I enjoyed it a lot--apparently what I dislike about the RTS computer game is the "realtime".
- Red Dragon Inn. Cute game of fantasy adventurers in the bar after adventuring.


Among the best possible words to follow "You need a new transmission" are "It is covered by the extended warranty."
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