Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[WoW] Raid Tanking

I went to Karazhan on Friday with a mixed Undead Fish/Cult of the Red Eye raid.

Both of the tanks were druids, and I was the better-geared tank, so I was the main tank for the run. A previous group had cleared Attumen, Moroes, and the Maiden of Virtue, so we were heading to the Opera event and thence to the Curator.

Final score: defeated Romulo and Julianne on the third try, cleared to the Curator, wiped once and called it a night.

Right now, it seems that raid tanking in bear form is really straightforward compared to instance tanking.
- since a single tank will die if tanking multiple mobs, there's no worries about trying to hold aggro on multiple mobs.
- as long as you're holding aggro, there is no need to worry about running short on rage. Ever.
- Special "here's an extra helping of damage" effects (like the Curator's Hateful Bolts) rarely target you. (I understand why from a design standpoint--one or more healers are already focused on healing you, so either the special damage gets handled and becomes non-special, or they can't handle them and the raid wipes.)

As a bear, I've mostly made the choices about how to mitigate damage through my gear selection, before the fight begins. So I'm just doing my best to hold on to aggro on one mob and hope that my stats are tanky enough to pull me through.
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