Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[WoW] Various

A bunch of random WoW anecdotamenta:


Last week, a friend and one of the strongest warlocks in the guild announced that he was quitting Warcraft. He felt that he was addicted, and unable to play in moderation.

One of the thoughts this sparked, of course, was "should I do the same?" I hope not, but I'm not sure.

I will miss playing with him. It's another example of one of the painful lessons in WoW: your good friends in WoW will leave, not because of anything about their relationship with you, but because of changes in their relationship with the rest of the game.


The 2.2 patch has been giving me troubles with sound. In particular, plugging in my headset now doesn't make WoW's sound play through the headset, even though other programs play through the headset.

I've been having other headset problems, too. I wanted to replace my first headset with one with a mute button, so that I could talk with Lori without telling the whole raid about our personal stuff. So I got a second headset (non-USB)--but couldn't get the microphone to work. I returned it and bought a third headset (USB)--but I haven't been able to get that microphone to work either.


We'd been having trouble getting tanks to log on for Karazhan, so we hadn't been to Karazhan for a couple weeks. Other folks were feeling discontented--and this increased my own discontent when we started having trouble finding DPS to fill a guild instance group that already had a tank and a healer.

But last night, we had a splendid run through the early parts of Karazhan.
We were unusually prompt for us, so that at our appointed start time, we were already buffed and beginning to pull.
We downed Attumen and Midnight with no deaths, either on the trash pulls or on the boss fight.
We had trouble with Moroes, but after three failed attempts, I suggested an alternate CC strategy that gave us our most successful Moroes kill yet; on that attempt, none of us died, and for the first time we killed Moroes' unfriendly guests instead of just running out.
We managed to down the Maiden of Virtue on the first try, with only one death.

Unfortunately, every boss dropped paladin loot, and we had no paladin to use any of it.

On our first three attempts on the Moroes fight, the WoW client crashed during the fight while I was tanking Moroes. On at least one of those attempts, I frantically restarted the client and logged back in--and discovered that I still had Moroes' attention.


I have very geeky spreadsheets that I've been using to evaluate gear for Marendyn and Mazumok. For example, I understand how to assess the tradeoffs between increased critical strike chance and increased attack power.

This week, though, I've finally figured out how I want to assess the tradeoff between factors that boost a single spell (+damage, spell crit, and so forth) and factors that extend a caster's spellcasting (intellect, mana regeneration, and so forth). This gives me new tools to apply to gear optimization for my mage.

The key is this: I'm going to calculate an average DPS as a weighted average of my DPS over time, with the weights decreasing exponentially over time. (I'll use a simple model of 'use a high-DPS, high-mana spell rotation until you run out of mana, then just wand'.)

I've had to dust off my memories of integral calculus to figure out how to do this calculation, but the resulting formulas end up being surprisingly simple. I'm looking forward to implementing these in my spreadsheet.

(I've created these spreadsheets in Numbers, starting as a dogfood exercise when Numbers was still under development. (At one time, I was told that my spreadsheets were the largest spreadsheets created natively in Numbers instead of being imported from Excel.) For my purposes, I really is much nicer than Microsoft Excel.)
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