Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

I've adhered to my "20 minutes of some sort of exercise before playing WoW" pretty effectively for over five months now. I've had a scant handful of cases where I've broken the rule and played WoW without exercising, and another few days where I've decided not to play WoW because exercising seemed like too much work.

I'd say that I've generally managed to adopt it as a habit; if I have failed to get enough exercise with this, it's because I have too often gotten wimpy exercise (like a ten-minute walk each way to buy lunch) instead of something more solid.

This past week has been low-exercise, though, largely due to sickness.

Thursday night, I felt tired (this was probably a precursor of sickness) and decided that I'd rather lie on the couch and read than exercise in order to play WoW.
Friday, we drove up to Cook Forest. I did get a bit of exercise and WoW before going up.
Saturday, we mostly drove around and went to shops in Cook Forest; I considered trying to get a brief hike in, but at every time when we had some free time, I chose to nap or sleep instead.
Sunday, I still felt sick, but we did manage an hour's hike in Cook Forest.
Monday and Tuesday, I felt sick enough to stay home from work. I played WoW anyway, and decided that I could amend my rule to say that if I felt sick enough to stay home from work, that exempted me from requiring exercise.

Wednesday, though, was my worst contravention of my rule. I felt well enough to go to work, but not so well that I wanted to take a long walk to get lunch.
I had ideas of getting some sort of feeble walk in during the afternoon or evening, but much of the evening was taken up with celebrations for Lori's father's birthday.
I got home just at 9:30, and I knew that there was a Karazhan raid group gathered at the instance portal waiting for me to log on. So I gave that priority over my daily exercise.

The days are growing cooler--rain and snow will soon complicate my exercise habits. I hope that I manage to maintain this habit through the winter.
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