Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[WoW] Developing Math Skills

Hunters have an ability called Aspect of the Pack that lets them regenerate mana more effectively.

It used to be that Aspect of the Viper would regenerate a flat 25% of your intellect in mana each tick. However, in a recent patch, it was changed so that the amount of mana it regenerated depended on how much mana you have currently, from 10% of your intellect if you were at full mana to 50% of your intellect when you're at 0 mana.

So, to calculate how long it takes to go out of mana with the new Aspect of the Viper, I've ended up solving a (simple) differential equation. I'm rusty--I don't think I've had to solve a differential equation since college.
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