Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Cupertino Trip Conclusion

The trend of minor annoyances with this trip continued, but with a leitmotif of blessings in disguise:
- The meeting ran long enough that I couldn't join my guild in a Karazhan raid. But they weren't able to down any bosses in Karazhan, so this may have been a blessing in disguise, particularly since I was able to dine with a co-worker on tasty Mexican food and beer.
- The restaurant didn't bring me the corn chowder I had ordered. This too may have been a blessing in disguise; I received more green chile stew than I could finish, and when I said I didn't want the corn chowder, they gave me tasty sopaipillas to compensate.
- Various minor delays getting off and through the airport meant that I reached the gate for my first flight just as they were boarding, without time to hit the restroom. And in-flight turbulence precluded me from using the lavatory for a few hours.
- I was seated between two friendly men with shoulders as large as mine. It wasn't an unmanageable fit, but it wasn't perfect.
- In the Houston airport, the quick food options had enormous lines. This too may have been a blessing in disguise, because it inspired me to hit a very nice Cajun buffet at Pappadeaux.
- Unfortunately, I lost track of time in Pappadeaux, and I reached the gate only 10 minutes before departure time. I was the last one to board, and the flight crew was very anxious. I had to check my carryon bag, because there was no room in the overhead bins.
- The biggest annoyance: as far as I know, I left my credit card in the restaurant in the Houston airport. Fortunately, this was the last time I wanted to pay with a credit card on the whole trip.

This wasn't a wonderfully enjoyable trip, but I think Apple definitely got its money's worth by sending me out there. I have three key new insights that will set me forward substantially, and software thoughts are starting to bubble up--I'm feeling eager to get to coding.
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