Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

South Carolina

November 1-4, we roadtripped to Columbia, South Carolina for a wedding of a cousin of Lori's.


The trip down:

Lori had trouble finishing up her school work to come home, so we got off very late on Thursday evening. We made it to Clarksburg, West Virginia, then got a hotel.

We were slow to get off again in the morning on Friday; after breakfast in the hotel, Lori saw a quilting store nearby that she wanted to explore.

Found a Roadfood destination for dinner: Bar-B-Q King in Charlotte, NC. It wasn't a really splendid dining experience; the experience of being worried about time and trying to juggle boxes of food in the car left me feeling very harried. And I didn't really taste a lot of smoke flavor in the barbecue. (Lori really regretted that we were unable to visit a nearby Dairy Queen with a giant smiling Eskimo looking down from the roof.)

We picked up Heather at the Columbia airport and found the hotel without much trouble, thanks to the GPS.


The Day of the Wedding

Didn't manage breakfast (others said that the hotel breakfast was very bad). Had lunch at Five Guys across the street--meh, it was Five Guys.

The weather for the wedding was gorgeous; a beautiful blue sky.

The church was very formal; there was cantoring and Latin and so forth. And the priest was very clear that people who weren't practicing Catholics were not welcome to take communion. It was sort of offputting. And the bride and groom were very quiet, which is not to my taste in weddings.

The wedding was followed by a reception, with 4 hours of hors d'oeuvres, dancing, and open bar--but no dinner. So afterward, we wanted something to eat, albeit light. The Steppling family posse had migrated into a bar that was too smoky for us, so we left them behind. The iPhone made life easy--we used Google Maps to look for restaurants near the hotel, and were able to check out menus and restaurant hours before we went walking anywhere.

We ended up at a restaurant called Nonnah's, which was a delight. Lori had wonderful ham and asparagus crepes, and I had a lovely grilled chicken salad that wasn't listed on the menu. Then, for dessert, I persuaded Lori to share orgeat crepes flambee. Oh man, this was delicious. The brandy in the cherries cut the sweetness in a wonderful way. It was absolutely delightful.


The Drive Home

We intended to visit with relatives, get a bite to eat, and be on our way. But the relatives had mostly headed out by the time we were ready, and breakfast places weren't open by the time we were ready to go. We figured we would stop at the first breakfast place we saw... but that wasn't until we saw a Waffle House thirty miles down the road. Waffle House was reasonably tasty.

We checked for roadfood on the route home with the iPhone, but every place was closed. This meant we ended up making good time to West Virginia. In West Virginia, we stopped at a center for Appalachian crafts called Tamarack. We did get a decent dinner there, but we spent two hours shopping fruitlessly there. Ah well. On home at last.
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