Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Groundhog Eve

So, I just realized that tomorrow is Groundhog Day.

Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is about 80 miles away from here. The idea of going to the big Groundhog Day hoopla there has been on my "I should do that sometime" mental list since I moved to Pittsburgh.

But I've suddenly realized that maybe "sometime" should be now.

It's a Saturday, so Lori wouldn't have to miss school, and we'd have a whole weekend to recover from waking up so doggone early.
Groundhog Day won't occur on a weekend again until 2013. By that time, we hope to have young children, and I don't think we'll relish the prospect of taking young children out there.
The weather forecast doesn't look too bad. The snow should be over by 2am, well before we'd want to start driving, and the temperature looks to be in the 30s. The forecasted weather for tomorrow is probably in the most pleasant third of expected weather for Groundhog Day.

I'm still far from sure that I want to wake up early, drive out to Punxsutawney, and stand in the cold in a massive crowd in order to see a man in a top hat proclaim an inaccurate forecast. But after reviewing these arguments, it seems that if I want to do so, tomorrow is the best opportunity I'm likely to have in many years.
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