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Ralph Melton

Origins recap

June 25-28, we went off to Origins. Recap:

Tuesday, June 24: Lori drove across the state twice to pick up 5eh.

Wednesday, June 25: Drove out to Columbus in the evening. Got off later than intended, but not as late as we sometimes have.

Dinner at Schlepp's, a family restaurant just off the highway that we've had good meals at before. Lori and Sarah had the broasted chicken; I had the country-fried pollock. I found a broken bit of china in my hash browns, for which the restaurant very apologetically comped my meal.

Arrived late at the Colorbox abode. Heavy rain started as we arrived. Went to sleep to the sound of tornado sirens.

Thursday, June 26: Went down to the convention.

I had not been able to easily identify things I wanted out of the convention. After some effort, I identified two goals:
1) To try out the World of Warcraft board game (I've heard good things about it from friends, but the $80 price tag makes me want to try before I buy)
2) To try out D&D 4th edition (again, I've heard a lot of good things, but the price makes me wary).

I'd had bad luck in previous years with trying to saunter in to events with generic tickets. So this time I tried to register for events--but all the D&D 4 events were full. I did sign up for the WoW board game, though.

Lunch at Krema Nut Company, a source of splendid peanut butter sandwiches in the Columbus convention center.

Made an initial pass through the dealer's room, and concluded that I was in a Mood--nothing was really calling to me, and if anything was, I was closing my ears to it.

Found my old friend Alex Yeager and listened to his seminar/sales pitch on new Mayfair games. Those games didn't attract me either.

Ate an unsatisfying chicken sandwich from Charlie's in the convention center in order to make the WoW board game.

No one else showed up for the WoW board game. I could have gotten into a game with the two hosts, but I opted to call it cancelled instead and get generic tokens in exchange.

I discovered the D&D 4th Edition Dungeon Delve--using pregenerated characters to try to win combats as quickly as possible. There was no scheduling required, just showing up with generic tokens. This was more or less the taste test of D&D 4th edition that I wanted, and I tried it several times over the course of the weekend. The big problem was that there was a lot of pressure to hustle through the combats, without covering all the rules options.

Went back to the Colorbox house, played "Run for your Life, Candyman" with Blue and Magenta.

Friday, June 27:

Went to North Market for lunch. Was very intrigued by all the ethnic shops and yuppie food places... but was disappointed by the Indian food I ended up with.

Played RoboRally. Did poorly.

Dinner at Barley's. I can't remember what I had, which probably means that a) I should post these journal entries more promptly, and b) it probably wasn't too notable.

Did the Dungeon Delve again. Got enough prize tokens to get a miniature--but they were out of the burning skeleton, so I got an unimpressive galeb dur figure instead.

Saturday, June 28:

Went to North Market for lunch. Got a very nice bison carbonnade from North Market Poultry and Game.

For dessert, we went to Jeni's for ice cream, which was a sublime ice cream experience. I got two scoops: the bourbon butter pecan was splendid with plenty of rich bourbon flavor, and the cherry lambic sorbet was a perfect cool tart refresher for the warm humid day. Lori also loved her lavender wildberry, mango lassi, and dark chocolate ice creams.

Watched the Pride parade go by as we ate our ice cream. Speculated on possible overlap between gamers and Pride marchers, and a hypothetical brigade of rainbow stormtroopers.

Made our serious pass through the dealer's room. Didn't find much to buy, still. This was the net haul:
- four $5-each Dragonlance RPG books for the GM of my Dragonlance game
- Backseat Drawing and Party Pooper from Out of the Box (both party games)
- a large battlemap, half price because it was a factory second
- a set of Bendy Dungeon Walls for the Dragonlance game. (I don't really need this myself, but it really does seem like a better solution for giving scenery for miniatures than the heavyweight MasterMaze sets.)

Did the Dungeon Delve again. Got enough tokens for a mini--but they were out of the cockatrice. Decided not to take the galeb dur again.

Went off to the Colorbox's annual Origins party. Got into a hilarious game of Mad Science University with some podcasting folks I hadn't met before (the names I remember are John Cmar, David Moore, and Kevin ???)--but I think it was the players more than the game that made it so wild.

Developed a splendid enhancement in my s'more technique at the fire outside. Previously, my s'mores have had the problem of the chocolate being stiff--with enough jaw pressure to bite through the cracker and chocolate, the marshmallow would squirt out the sides. My refined technique is to make a sandwich of graham crackers and chocolate square, and hold that near the fire with my left hand as I toasted the marshmallow with the right hand. This melts the chocolate enough that it can be bitten with little pressure. Mmm!

Sunday, June 29:

Went to brunch at Max and Erma's with a crowd of folks who had been at the party.

Did the Delve once more while Lori and Sarah went through the dealer's room. They were out of all the prize minis but the galeb dur. Gave my reward tokens to someone else.

Went to Jeni's for ice cream once more. Decided to test the effect of finding the second try at a restaurant much less splendid than the first try, so I ordered the same two ice creams. They were good, but I didn't enjoy them nearly as much as I did before. Conclusion: trying to repeat a splendid dining experience is probably doomed.

Uneventful drive home; Lori and Sarah slept most of the way.
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