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Sometimes Bad is Bad



Last night, we went out to dinner at Mr Ribbs, on Rodi Road. It was really a bad experience.

For an appetizer, we ordered cornbread sticks, since it was unusual. Thewe were pretty good, in my opinion--they were small sticks that appeared deep-fried. They were light and crunchy. But of the three dipping sausces they provided, I only liked the ranch dressing. The honey mustard was much more honey than mustard, and the marinara sauce would have been much better if it were salsa. Lori liked the marinara sauce a bit better than I did.

I ordered the ribs, figuring that that was their specialty. For sides, I ordered the macaroni and cheese and the fried cabbage with potatoes. The ribs were okay, but not terribly tender; they required a bit of gnawing and didn't really inspire gnawing. The fried cabbage with potatoes was not seasoned much, and was not fried to the tenderness I had expected; instead of being any synthesis of flavors, it just listlessly said, "Here, I'm some cabbage". The macaroni and cheese was reasonably good; it was clearly not just out of a box. But it wasn't particularly great.

Lori had a worse time. She ordered the beef brisket, with sides of barbecue beans and macaroni and cheese. The beef brisket came as a sandwich overflowing with liquid that looked more like gravy than barbecue sauce. She found it full of fat and gristle and very unappetizing. Her barbecue beans were served unpleasantly cold, and she was not impressed with the macaroni and cheese.

Lori had been tempted by the peach cobbler on the menu before dinner, but after eating she just wanted to leave without risking dessert.

The price was a bit odd. By my calculations, we ordered about $30 worth of food. When the bill came, I glanced at it as Lori explained that the food had been bad. The waitress offered to take the bill away and take something off, but in that glance, I thought I saw the total of $21.93. The waitress then came back and said that she had taken 20% off, and gave me a bill for $19.93. I didn't try to deal with this; I just left a tip that would have been good for a $30 meal, and we shook the dust from our shoes as we left.

I would argue against my ever going there again, and I think Lori feels even more strongly negative about it.
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