Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[WoW] The Naming of Devilsaurs

I've been thinking of playing Mazumok again. The rationale is a little twisty, but it goes like this:

- I haven't done Borean Tundra, Grizzly Hills, and Zul'Drak with Marendyn.
- If I cruise through them at 80 before doing them with other characters, I'll enjoy those zones less, and I'll be less likely to play other characters.
- Also, I could spend my useless Stone Keeper's Shards on heirloom shoulders to increase Maz's xp gain.
- So I'll play Maz through those zones to have more fun with them.

(There's a flaw in this plan--instead of getting the pvp shoulders, I'll get the pve shoulders with Emblems of Heroism. So my shards are still useless.)

One of the inhibiting factors for me, though, has been the question of naming my devilsaur. (It's silly, but it does matter to me. I've also been slowed down by trying to get the devilsaur's stompiness right.)

A friend had used the great name Gorynych for a devilsaur, after a Slavic dragon. I liked that name, and I was considering asking him for permission to use it. But I looked at the Wikipedia entry, and the multiple heads and fire breathing seemed more apt for a core hound.
But six Wikipedia links later, I found a mythical monster that seems to fit a devilsaur well. I'll name my devilsaur Kasai.
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