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I'd Like a Piece of Meat

(Do any of y'all know the Negativland piece that that line evokes for me?)

During the afternoon, I needed to get beef brisket for tomorrow's barbecue. So I went down to Bell's Market, where I've gotten brisket before.

Bell recognized me, though I haven't been in there in a year and a half. He gave me seven pounds of brisket (defrosted and cut to fit my pans this time, thank goodness) and asked if I wanted more. I let him talk me into another three pounds of brisket. Mmm, brisket.

He said that the first seven pounds came from cows he bred himself. That's kind of cool.

While I was there, a woman ordered thirty pounds of ground beef and twenty pounds of bacon. I think she was running a restaurant. I kind of hope she was.
I like Bell's Market; it has more personality than a supermarket. Perhaps we ought to go there more often.
Now I have three 9x13 pans of brisket marinating in seasoning and liquid smoke. Mmm, there will be feasting tomorrow night!
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